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Point Defiance Park is an essential part of living in Tacoma and the South Sound.
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Hare & Hare report to park commissioners - 1911
100 years of change
Park grows, but with some growing pains

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1984: An arson fire one of several the park has seen over the years, destroyed the Boathouse in 1984. A larger boathouse was built four years later. In 1974, fire destroyed the adjacent pavilion.
After of century of change, both Tacoma and its premier park have reached a sometimes uneasy maturity.

The park grew to its present size with the addition of 42 acres in the southwest corner, although that land remains undeveloped.

The biggest physical changes were under way at Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium. While the zoo faced funding and leadership crises, local taxpayers expressed their support for the beloved institution through bond measures passed in 1977, 1986 and 1999. The zoo narrowed its focus to animals and ecosystems of the Pacific Rim, but expanded its ambition, most recently with the opening of the $10 million Asian Forest Sanctuary.

In contrast to the rapid expansion of earlier eras, much of the improvement focused on preserving the existing park. The Lodge and the Pagoda were restored to their original grandeur, and waterfront buildings rebuilt after an arson fire in 1984. The century-old Rose Garden got a makeover, while enthusiasts of other species cultivated their own showcase gardens.

Perhaps reflecting changes in the outside world, conflict and safety concerns grew. Cruisers and loud music invaded the park’s serenity. A young girl was found murdered in the park in 1986.

New community events emerged, including the annual Sound to Narrows race and the Taste of Tacoma. As ever, the park remains a place of everyday leisure and escape.

DREW PERINE/The News Tribune
2000: Kim Varian twists on the dormant bulbs of the Mount Rainier display at Zoolights at Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium. More than half million lights are used to create the annual holiday display.

The News Tribune
1987: A repaired Humpty Dumpty is lowered back onto his Never Never Land perch by park district workers Doug Lape, left, and Arne Lund after vandals gave him a great fall.
RUSS CARMACK/The News Tribune
1994: Matt McCarthy raises his hand as he leads 218 troops through Point Defiance Park during the Sound to Narrows race. They are the 2nd Battalion, 9th Infantry. Throughout the course, the troops sang cadence songs and stayed in formation. The race, which debuted in 1973, is one of many popular traditions in the park.

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