Point Defiance: 100 Years and Beyond  
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Point Defiance Park is an essential part of living in Tacoma and the South Sound.
Park memories
Hare & Hare report to park commissioners - 1911
The gardens
  South Sound is a gardener's paradise, so it's only fitting that its premier city park is a showcase for gardens of all types: rose, rhodies, native and Japanese, to name a few. Gardens have been at the heart of Point Defiance since its beginning. We'll trace how generations of Tacomans have cultivated the park.

Drew Perine/The News Tribune
A heron stalks the still waters of the Japanese Garden at Point Defiance. The garden complements the 1914 Pagoda, and has grown in size and authenticity over the years.

Common Ground
By SUE KIDD  •  The News Tribune

• Did you know?
• Kiwis go cuckoo for Point's dahlias
When Ebenezer Rhys Roberts became parks superintendent at Point Defiance Park, he pulled up all the signs that read “Keep off the grass.”

The Welshman believed the gardens should belong to the community and the community should be the caretakers of the gardens.

In 1895, Roberts asked Tacoma’s schoolchildren to bring clippings to begin the park’s first rose garden. It was only right that the early park’s premier garden grew from donations.

In a town crazy about its gardens, Point Defiance is the crossroads.
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From cherry trees to fuchsias to dahlias, get a closer look at the Point's inhabitants in a full-page color poster.
Silent Stars (PDF)

Love spreads like dandelions among the foliage and attractions of Point Defiance Park.
• Rehearsal dinner deluge gives way to pristine Rose Garden wedding
• A goose chase, really, leads couple together
• Owen Beach sunbather uses mojo for matches
• The 'love-god' presides, even in that Boathouse

Meet the iconoclast who molded the gardens and grounds into a park for the people.
• Gardener dedicated his life

The largest flower and garden show of its kind in the region starts Friday on 10 acres at the Point.
Point Defiance Events

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