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Point Defiance Park is an essential part of living in Tacoma and the South Sound.
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Hare & Hare report to park commissioners - 1911
Point Defiance Interactive Quiz
  Quiz 2: Point Defiance Zoo

 1. Who was - or were - Dub Dub?
A. A much-loved harbor seal.
B. A polar bear who wasn't very bright.
C. Two of three harbor seals who lived in a wooden tub and were named for the nursery rhyme, "Rub-A-Dub-Dub, Three Men In A Tub." Their playmate, of course, was Rub.
D. A pair of matching cockatoos.

 2. How much seafood does ET the walrus eat in a day?
A. 25 pounds.
B. 90 pounds.
C. 125 pounds.
D. 200 pounds.

 3. True or False: In the zoo's early years, some of its animals came from sailors who brought exotic animals from foreign ports when their ships sailed into Tacoma?

 4. What did Cindy the elephant do before she came to the zoo at age 3 in 1965?
A. Performed in the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus.
B. She was orphaned in Thailand and brought to the United States.
C. She was born at the Washington Park Zoo in Portland and sent to Point Defiance so it could begin an elephant program.
D. She was a shopping center attraction in Nevada.

 5. True or False: An escaped zoo bear was once shot to death in the elevator at downtown's Olympus Hotel?

 6. Point Defiance zoo staff helped save which animal from extinction?
A. The red wolf.
B. The bald eagle.
C. The harbor seal.
D. The ocelot.

 7. What zoo animal escaped and charged up Pearl Street in 1987?
A. A 2,700-pound Asian bull named Rama.
B. ET the walrus.
C. Cindy the elephant.
D. Defiance, a 300 pound black bear.

 8. In 1936, Blanche Meiers of Tacoma brought what animals to a park board meeting for donation to the zoo?
A. A pair of Sulphur-crested cockatoos.
B. Two large land turtles.
C. A suitcase full of snakes.
D. A collection of starfish, sea anemones, Dungeness crabs and other sea creatures she collected in area tide pools and sea grass and kept in a saltwater aquarium in her home.

 9. What was the slogan of the fund-raising campaign to build a new home for lions and monkeys in the early 1950s?
A. Be Proud of Tacoma's Pride: Donate Your Dollars to Save Them
B. Lions Will Roar No More In Tacoma Unless You Feed the Kitty
C. Tacoma, Home Sweet Home. If you don't want us, Seattle does!
D. Stop Monkeying Around: Make Your Zoo Donation Today!

 10. What are the names of the aquarium's giant clams?
A. Frick and Frack.
B. Kip and La Fawnda.
C. Point and Defiance.
D. Ivar and Haglund.

 11. What will children do in the Gecko Cling exhibit at the new Kids' Zone?
A. See an exhibit and geckos and other lizards in an unusual habitat where the geckos cling to the sides and top of their glass enclosure.
B. Enjoy servings of cling peaches while watching a movie about geckos.
C. Listen to a presentation about lizards narrated by the cartoon gecko spokesman for an Geico Insurance, which sponsors the exhibit.
D. Put Velcro pads on their hands so they can feel what it's like to be a gecko.

 12. What will the zoo spend $203,200 on this year?
A. Animal food.
B. Security.
C. Special zoo paint jobs for Pierce Transit buses.
D. The purchase of more animals for the Asian Forest Sanctuary exhibit.

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