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Point Defiance Park is an essential part of living in Tacoma and the South Sound.
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Hare & Hare report to park commissioners - 1911
Point Defiance Interactive Quiz
  Quiz 1: Point Defiance History

 1. About what proportion of Point Defianceís 702 acres are developed and maintained?
A. One-fifth
B. One-third
C. Half

 2. Point Defiance is among the 20 largest urban parks in the nation?

 3. Which of the following attractions did not exist at one time in Point Defiance?
A. Indoor saltwater heated swimming pool.
B. Lawn bowling and croquet fields.
C. Amusement park.
D. Gateway arch at Pearl Steet entrance.

 4. How did Point Defiance get its name?
A. From an explorerís comment on the peninsulaís strategic possibilities
B. From a famous battle between Indians and white settlers.
C. From a translation of the Salish Indian word for the peninsula.
D. From the early Tacomansí refusal to give the land over to the federal government.

 5. Why wasnít Point Defiance homesteaded by early settlers?
A. It was prone to landslides and intemperate weather.
B. It was an Indian burial ground.
C. It had been designated as a federal military reservation.
D. It was the estate of a wealthy family who lived in the Lodge.

 6. Which creatures were not part of early animal displays in the park?
A. Dub Dub the Seal.
B. Grizzly bears Romeo and Juliet.
C. Ollie the Octopus.
D. Monkeys Jocko and Treeko.

 7.The Japanese Pagoda was originally used as a streetcar station?

 8. Which of the following attractions was never proposed to be built in the park?
A. Sea World.
B. A salmon cannery.
C. A steam train through the old-growth forest.
D. A motel and trailer park along Five Mile Drive.

 9. How did original park superintendent Ebenezer Roberts cultivate the parkís first rose garden in the 1890s?
A. Asked the children of Tacoma to bring in cuttings from their parentís gardens.
B. Shipped in varieties from his native Britian.
C. Transplated wild Nootka roses, creating an all-native species garden.

 10. Landscape designer Frederick Law Olmsted of Central Park fame also designed Point Defiance Park?

 11. Who was Francis Cushman and why is there a statue of him in the park?
A. The U.S. Army major who commanded Point Defiance when it was a military reservation.
B. Tacomaís first elected parks commissioner.
C. The parkís first caretaker who was instrumental in its early development.
D. The influential U.S. Congressman who won the park for the city of Tacoma.

 12. Up until the 1960s, parkgoers were able to rent horses and ride them along the forest trails?

 13. Fort Nisqually was built on the bluffs over the Narrows because of its superior strategic position?

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